UCSF HR Shared Services began a phased project in September 2018 to deliver monthly HR Onsite services (“HRO”) to a selection of campus departments within the School of Medicine (SOM), School of Pharmacy (SOP), School of Nursing (SON), and Campus Life Services (CLS).  HR Onsite is part of UCSF HR’s strategic initiatives, and aligns with our True North “Customers” pillar, which is to deliver exceptional HR solutions and to support our customers in ways that matter most.

The Phase I goals of the HR Onsite project were to:

  • strengthen UCSF HR/client relationships
  • help clients learn more about how HR work is conducted
  • create deeper partnerships with clients
  • provide the opportunity for HR representatives to learn more about their client’s business



As we end Phase 1 of the project, we wanted to share the feedback we gathered from our campus partners as well as the plans for our next steps.

We are grateful to the departments who have collaborated with us on this project, and we appreciate the feedback that guided our learning on service effectiveness and areas for improvement.

Regarding the project’s next steps, the statistics we gathered indicate that our clients view HR Onsite as a value add.  Therefore, we will continue providing HRO services to our pre-identified partners, continue to plan for the next phase while we review our FY20 priorities, and work to align with the needs associated with the UCPath launch.

If there are questions related to HRO, please contact your HR Shared Services Manager.