We are pleased to announce the most recent recipient of the UCSF HR SPOT Award. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the UCSF HR organization!

Sherry Tran: Lead Compensation Specialist, Compensation

Reason: Sherry Tran was nominated for a SPOT award for her high quality customer service support, which is reflected in the tremendous amount of positive feedback received from multiple clients. She regularly addresses and resolves very complex situations. Very recently, she was able to partner with her client on a very challenging recruitment, and to provide creative solutions to retain a very valued employee on that same client’s team. Even though Sherry has her own priorities, she is willing to re-prioritize her work to fit the needs of partners and clients. Sherry epitomizes the Chancellor’s Priorities of Transformative Partnerships and our PRIDE value of Excellence, and she provides excellent consultation to clients who are seeking compensation advice and support.

Client feedback includes:

  • She is a valued partner to Staff Shared Services as I recently had the pleasure of working on a project with Sherry involving an equity request. Sherry provided insight to the manager during several phone calls on the type of information compensation would seek to consider an equity increase, and she was ultimately able to provide the approval for the amount the manager requested.
  • During the first event that Sherry worked on for us, she did a great job in supporting my department to offer a higher salary in alignment with current incumbents at the university holding similar roles in terms of job parity. This was a very important effort on Sherry’s behalf for the betterment of the program. The second critical human resources issue that Sherry took on was a compensation increase for a key program employee. Sherry did a great job in managing the process. She was able to facilitate their arriving at a salary that was both equitable for all stakeholders, and also served to help retain this key employee for the program.

A little about Sherry:

Who inspires you and why?

“My children inspire me. Parents are the primary teachers/role models for their kids from the beginning. An accountability moment for me was nearly two years ago; parents were asked to attend a Faith Formation (part of their Catholic upbringing) session with their children. To start the dialogue, the facilitator asked parents and children to answer the question – “Who is the holiest person you know?” The requirement was that the person had to be someone that both the parents and children personally knew (aka no answers such as Mother Teresa or the Pope). My oldest daughter responded while my two younger children nodded in agreement, “Well, you are mommy!” Then, each of them added to the conversation with reasons I was the “holiest person” they knew. There is no better reminder for me to lead by example than hearing three little voices respond to that question and name my actions.”​

What is one word you would use to describe your team? 

“Collaborative – I appreciate the knowledge sharing and partnerships.”