We are pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR SPOT Award. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the UCSF HR organization!

Angie Camarillo: Staff HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Reason: Angie Camarillo was nominated for a SPOT award for going above and beyond for her clients, as well as being accessible, efficient, and knowledgeable. When PeopleConnect launched, she walked clients through many initial issues, teaching them the technical aspect of completing a PeopleConnect Management Actions ticket. When tickets required adjustments, she would help clients by correcting the tickets, and then followed-up with additional training on the subject for future reference. Angie also stepped in and very quickly reestablished multiple contract appointments which were ended prematurely, which would have caused separations for those employees.

Client feedback includes:

  • We had an affiliate end-date error which prematurely terminated eight off-site contract staff. Once we understood the contractors had been terminated (as we initially thought they had only lost systems access), Angie very quickly updated the contract end-date so we could reconfigure system access. Her fast response to our requests for information and her quick updates in the HR systems saved us from losing valuable work hours.

A little about Angie:

  • What are you passionate about (either at work or outside of work)?
    “Spending time with family.”
  • What is one important skill that each person should have?
    Interpersonal Skills – how we relate with others affects ourselves, those around us, and our environment.”

Marilyn Cimahosky: Compensation Analyst, Compensation Specialty Center

Reason: Marilyn Cimahosky was nominated for a SPOT award for the instrumental role she played in a client department’s reorganization. She not only created new job classifications and performed market analysis, but also created an entire career track job family. She took on this body for work that is normally completed by someone at the supervisor level. She represented UCSF as she partnered with UCOP to create a new job family/function. Once the job family/function was created, Marilyn consulted with department leadership to develop job descriptions, classification of positions, and propose equity increases for approximately fifty positions.

Client feedback includes:

  • Thank you for working with me through these major changes. Your partnership and engagement has been critical to the success of our department.

A little about Marilyn:

  • What great piece of advice do you like to share with others?
  • Who inspires you and why?
    “James B. Comey – We share the same values on integrity in both our personal and professional lives.”

Veronica Ng: Staff HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Reason: Veronica Ng was nominated for a SPOT award for her using her PeopleConnect Super User role to support specialists, clients and generalists who have transitioned to PeopleConnect. Utilizing her system expertise and HR knowledge, Veronica provided data discrepancies and highlighted case numbers that were off. She quickly worked with HR Information Systems (HRIS) to troubleshoot the issue, which helped them determine the final solution. Veronica was active in sharing her feedback and utilizing available tools to communicate effectively. This was especially important when PeopleConnect Management Actions (PCMA) launched, and she continues to display excellent reliability as well as being a team player.

Client feedback includes:

  • Veronica continues to be an excellent resource for her colleagues (and me!) and is generous in providing her time.

A little about Veronica:

  • What are you passionate about (either at work or outside of work)?
    “I am passionate about traveling. I enjoy experiencing different cultures through their food and people.”
  • What is one word you would use to describe your team?

Bob Somers: Staff HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Reason: Bob Somers was nominated for a SPOT award for his incredible work performance over the last few months. Bob represented and managed the Laurel Heights New Employee Orientation (NEO) committee as the sole representative from Laurel Heights when the other committee member left the position, and Bob took on this role without hesitation. During this same time, Bob was temporarily assigned to be the HR Generalist for other HR Specialty Groups and is now responsible for the entire HR organization, as he quickly absorbed Leave of Absence (LOA) and other trainings. Bob has taken the initiative to train colleagues on a HR Pilot system, suggesting and providing feedback for improvements.

Client feedback includes:

  • The work speaks volumes of Bob’s dedication to his role, but also as an individual. He exemplifies the PRIDE values every day, and his clients and colleagues have recognized Bob for his high level of customer service, professionalism, and is an overall excellent representative for the HR organization.

Some of Bob’s impactful efforts include:

  • Created the NEO schedule for Staff Generalists at Laurel Heights
  • Developed partnerships with unions and adhering to schedules
  • Collaborated with colleagues on documents, which defines roles and responsibilities during NEO

A little about Bob:

  • What is one word you would use to describe your team?  
    “My team is very cohesive. Everyone works to support each other and we love our monthly team lunches.”
  • What is the most important trait you bring to your job?
    I am very organized which allows me to rearrange my priorities when necessary.”

The next nomination deadline is Thursday, May 2. Click here for more information on UCSF HR’s SPOT Award program (MyAccess login required). Questions about the program should be directed to the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Committee.