We are pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR SPOT Award. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the UCSF HR organization!

Susan Saechao: Staff HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Reason: Susan was nominated for a SPOT award for being a great colleague and for having good work ethics. Processing an equity review for a client can be quite time consuming as it involves putting together many different pieces of information to be analyzed.

Susan and I had a mutual client who requested review for three classifications which had a total of fifty-one employees. Susan was a great help as she pulled together not only the employee name, job code/title, hire data and salary, but she also pulled all the resumes for these employees and calculated the amount of relevant and overall experience both in-and-outside of UCSF, based on both information on the resume and in the payroll system. Due to the scope/size of this request, it required many hours and days for Susan to complete this body of work, while also attending to her other regular HR Generalist job duties. Her work was extremely valuable as it quickly identified where there were equity issues and provided pay recommendations to the client. In the end, the client chose to make equity adjustments for nine of the employees. She proved to be a great team player who was dedicated and collaborative on this effort.

A little about Susan:

  • What is one important skill that each person should have?
    “Strong communication skills – regardless of the size of an organization whether big or small, communication goes a long way and helps maintain awareness and without it things will crumble.”
  • What are you passionate about (either at work or outside of work)?
    “There are many, but one of them are for animals.” 

Jennifer Murray: Business Technical Support Analyst, HR Information Systems

Reason: Jennifer was nominated for her diligent work for pulling, researching and analyzing three years of hard-to-obtain employee data.

Client feedback include:

  • Normally, this data is only available for active UCSF employees, which, for the purposes of my request, skewed the data. Jennifer was able to find a way to also gather this data for former employees. This allowed me to present a complete and accurate snapshot to my client. Jennifer’s work on this request exemplified the PRIDE value of Excellence, as she was dedicated to supply the correct information without compromise. Jennifer truly deserves this award.

A little about Jennifer:

  • What is one important skill that each person should have?
    “A Sense of Wonder and Humor.”
  • What is one word you would use to describe your team?

Team SPOT Award Recipients

Reason: Melissa Bacina and Sara Gonzalez were nominated for a SPOT award for their exemplary team efforts in correcting retroactive pay. The particular unit contracts were renewed in October 2017, and there were major changes to how specialty and certificate pay were calculated due to contractual changes. In July 2018, when Sara and Melissa started the process to update specialty pay due to pay increases, they discovered historic calculation and pay code errors for specialty and certificate pay. The historic errors caused over fifty employees incorrect pay, or in some cases, missed pay. Sara and Melissa spent many hours analyzing what had been paid and what employees should have received. For several months, this required partnership with HBS, TSU and the department, as well as many in-person meetings with impacted employees to explain the situation. This work exemplifies the PRIDE value of Excellence, as Melissa and Sara were dedicated to correcting the employee pay and working with the department to ensure errors are not made going forward.

Sara Gonzalez: Staff HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Some of Sara’s impactful efforts include:

  • Conducted many in person meetings with employees, as well as in person meetings with HBS administrators to address problematic pay codes.
  • Trained departments on using the HBS bi-weekly timesheet correction form and submitting through PeopleConnect, to help departments take proactive steps to address discrepancies. 

Client feedback include:

  • We appreciate all of the effort and dedication you provide for our Union! Our contract has experienced many different changes and you have been here for us, helping us sort out old processes and creating new ones. Your service is invaluable!

A little about Sara:

  • What are you passionate about (either at work or outside of work)?
    “Cooking! Learning how to make authentic Mexican food like my mother and grandmother. Recently, I’ve been into using traditional culinary tools such as a molcajete, (a molcajete is a stone tool, the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle) to make fresh salsa’s (move over blender!).”
  • What is one word you would use to describe your team?
    “Unique. Every one of us brings value to the table. We’re a dynamic group that understands that we all play a role in the overall success of our team. If one of us flourishes, we all do.”

Melissa Bacina: Lead Staff HR Generalist; Staff Shared Services

Some of Melissa’s impactful efforts include:

  • Corrected pay dating back to almost one year.
  • Developed a spreadsheet listing all employees who had specialty pay, created formulas to determine what was paid and what should have been paid, and requested the department to add the updated COA’s for each employee.
  • Created and finalized spreadsheet in December 2018, and 90% of the pay had been corrected and paid out to the employees.

A little about Melissa:

  • What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
    “Being involved in the UCPath implementation, which has been a really interesting experience. I’m excited to be a part of this project team and look forward to the full deployment of UCPath!”
  • What are you passionate about (either at work or outside of work)?
    “Travel is a passion of mine, I’ve been to 17 countries, and I’m planning a trip to Africa (for a safari in Tanzania) and Europe this summer! I love to experience new cultures and think by doing so, we gain a new perspective on our own life.”

The next SPOT award nomination deadline is Tuesday, April 9. Click here for more information on UCSF HR’s SPOT Award program (MyAccess login required). Questions about the program should be directed to the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Committee.