The UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR Employee of the Month Award: Hazel Atangan and Sara Moyce! Congratulations to them both! In addition to recognition, they will each receive a certificate and a $50 gift card.

Name: Hazel Atangan
Job Title: Staff HR Generalist
HR Team/Work Unit: HR Staff Shared Services

Why Nominated:

Hazel was nominated for outstanding customer service, being a great colleague, and having good work ethicsHere is a comment from Hazel’s nomination:

During multiple occasions, Hazel has earned this nomination but there's one that stands out in particular. On January 28, I reached out to Hazel by phone for clarification on a PeopleConnect ticket, and she answered my call right away and was attentive. Hazel provided a clear explanation and did so while considering my specific program needs. While I was thanking Hazel for taking the time, she said "sometimes a quick call is all we need; it can really make a big difference." I completely agree with this sentiment and know that having clear lines of communication with our campus service teams is vital. This is why I'm nominating Hazel for HR Employee of the Month - since she's joined HR and become our representative I've had a refreshed outlook and feel comfortable reaching out for help; she goes the extra mile to make sure we know she's available, which truly shows dedication and nourishes the collaborative culture we strive to accomplish. Thank you Hazel, keep up the excellent work!

What does Hazel enjoy doing outside of work?

“Outside of work you can find me traveling and exploring the world. I’m usually off to new cities or different locations seeing friends & family.”

Name: Sara Moyce
Job Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist
HR Team/Work Unit: Temporary Employment Program

Why Nominated:

Sara was nominated for outstanding customer service, being a great colleague, and having good work ethics. Here is a comment from Sara’s nomination:

I want to share a really great success story for the TEP program. In preparation for backfilling during an upcoming leave of absence, I contacted Sara on January 15 to find out whether she had any candidates, or could recruit a Registered Dental Assistant. I was planning a month ahead. From the first email, she was amazingly responsive. She responded quickly with only eight questions she needed answers to in order to post it. She did not request answers I had already provided. She simply provided the list and where I had given her information, and she wrote "got it." This may seem minor, but I really appreciated that she absorbed the information I had provided and valued my time. Three days later she already had a resume for us to review. Two days after that she had five candidates that she had reviewed. We were in the process of interviewing several when our employee needed to begin their leave early. We updated Sara that our recruitment had become more urgent. The next day, she had confirmed the rate, contacted the employee, made the offer and gotten an acceptance. Wow, my new TEP recruitment all took place within two weeks. Sara really understood our needs and reacted so responsibly and quickly. She proactively provided us with updates and candidates. I really felt like she was a partner in this process. Thank you, Sara!

What does Sara enjoy doing outside of work?

“I love hiking with my dog in the beautiful woods behind our house, I love to eat (thank goodness my husband enjoys cooking), and I cherish the time spent with my family and friends in the Bay Area.”

About the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program

The next Employee of the Month deadline is Tuesday, April 9. The Employee of the Month Award (MyAccess login required), created to recognize excellence and effort among UCSF HR employees, is a peer-nominated award and presented to two UCSF HR employees per month. Learn more about the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program here (MyAccess login required).