The UCSF Criteria for Advancement have been recently updated. Specifically, the examples of exceptional performance in support of accelerated actions (beginning on page five of the UCSF Criteria for Advancement) were updated at the request of the Academic Senate and in consultation with the Vice and Associate Deans of Academic Affairs in each of the Schools. Revisions include:

  • Receipt of a competitive professional service award now includes outstanding contributions to diversity/equity/inclusion
  • A sustained level of exceptional achievement now includes exceptional mentoring evaluations or awards
  • Sustained (minimum of three years) and dedicated service now includes service to Academic Senate Division Leadership

These revisions update and further expand the types of activities that can be considered in support of accelerated merit or promotion. Please note, only the sections footnoted on page five and six of the UCSF Criteria for Advancements have been revised – the remainder of the document is unchanged.

We encourage you to read the UCSF Criteria for Advancement (also available here), which provides campus guidelines for accelerated advancements as well as on-time advancements. This document, along with other resources on the Academic Affairs website, are intended to provide information, clarity, and transparency to the academic review process. Questions regarding the academic review process can be directed to the Vice or Associate Dean(s) of Academic Affairs in your respective School.