As part of HR’s effort to enhance our communications with our clients, we are pleased to share a few changes intended to make our newsletter more relevant and engaging for you, such as highlighting policy updates and/or critical timelines and HR related topics more prominently, streamlined articles for reduced scrolling, and more visual elements.

What’s Changing and Why?

  • Frequency: Starting February 7, HR Update will shift to a new publication frequency – from weekly to the first and third Thursday of each month. Everyone at UCSF gets a lot of email – the frequency adjustment is intended to reduce email/information overload. We’ll still make sure you get the information you need – we’ll just be more proactive and bundle it in fewer newsletters.
  • Distribution Timing: We understand your day is busy so we want to distribute our newsletter earlier in the day so you have more time to read the information that matters most before you get too busy.
  • Format and Organization: In an effort to make HR Update more engaging to read, we’re adding more visual elements and color, and reducing text by creating shorter article intros and links to click on for additional information on our blog.
  • Daily Feed Option: Did you know you have the option to get a daily feed of information? If you prefer to get news as it’s posted to the HR Update blog, before the newsletter is distributed and instead of waiting for the next newsletter, you can sign up here. Additionally, you can check our HR Update blog anytime as articles are posted before the newsletter is distributed, and you can also refer to past articles as well.

We hope you’ll find the revised newsletter format more interesting and useful to read, and the frequency and delivery timing more convenient. As with any change, we’ll need to try out some things to get a sense for what works and where we need to adjust along the way. We appreciate your patience and feedback during this process. If you have questions or ideas, please reach out to us at [email protected].