The UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR Employee of the Month Award: Karche Bass and Regina Marchione! Congratulations to them both! In addition to recognition, they will each receive a certificate and a $50 gift card.

Name: Karche Bass
Job Title: Unit Assistant
HR Team/Work Unit: HR Business Services

Why Nominated:

Karche was nominated for being a great colleague and having good work ethics. Here are some comments from Karche’s nomination:

Karche is being nominated for Employee of the Month Award for her outstanding service to our clients, dedication to her fellow employees, and the outstanding work ethic she brings to the HR suites. Karche is the Unit Assistant to HR Suite 385 and 325. We’ve been short-staffed due to colleagues being out of the office, and we’ve really relied on Karche to cover the whole HR Business Services team. There were a couple of days in October when I was off-site or remote and Karche independently handled operations emergencies in 325, 305, and 385. There was a copier malfunction and she reached out to Documents, Media, Mail and IT, who immediately troubleshooted the issue and replenished the supplies within an hour.

Last Monday, she traveled to MCB 500 to cover for a high volume of new hires attending various new employee orientations while another Unit Assistant was on vacation. Her supervisor, Cecilia Carino, observed that she was very courteous, helpful, and gave a great first impression to the new employees. I appreciate Karche's professionalism and customer service attitude, and for those reasons I nominate her for an Employee of the Month award.

What does Karche enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my daughter and teacup Yorkie, Benzo. I also work as a caretaker driving kids and adults with special needs, and elders around the city to their various locations, which also brings me a lot of joy.”

Name: Regina Marchione
Job Title: HR Academic Generalist
HR Team/Work Unit: Academic Shared Services

Why Nominated:

Regina was nominated for having outstanding customer service, being a great colleague, having good work ethics, and incorporating creative ideas and thinking. Here are some comments from Regina’s nomination:

Regina is extremely helpful and responsive. She has an overwhelming positive attitude and will work with the department to improve work processes.

The department has recently implemented a new Merits and Promotions process, and I am so appreciative of her constant support as we navigate a new process. She has been amazing to work with and I could not imagine a better HR partner.

What does Regina enjoy doing outside of work?

“I enjoy all things water … kayaking, sailing, and swimming. A favorite event is a day out on the water with my family or friends!”

About the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program

The Employee of the Month Award (MyAccess login required), created to recognize excellence and effort among UCSF HR employees, is a peer-nominated award and presented to two UCSF HR employees per month. Learn more about the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program here (MyAccess login required).