It has been nearly a month since we successfully transitioned to PeopleConnect Management Actions for HR Requests. We have received great feedback, questions and suggestions. With this edition of HR Update, the PeopleConnect Team would like to provide responses to a few of the most frequently requested topics we have heard from you:

  1. Where are my draft cases? This is one of the most frequently submitted questions to HRIS Technical Support. We have made a change on the PeopleConnect home page to make it easier to locate your draft cases and those cases that have been returned for changes. Beginning Wednesday, November 28, there is a new tab between My Requests and My To-Dos called My Draft Cases. This was previously called Open Cases. The training and FAQ page will be updated accordingly.
  2. I have not received a response to my support request. In the first couple weeks after the cutover, the number of tickets rose more than 300%. Some users may have experienced slower than expected response times. HRIS engaged additional resources within the team to address the backlog. Since taking this step, the number of tickets have returned to where it was prior. If you have questions about the status of your ticket, please respond to the original ticket email confirmation.
  3. Users/approvers are not found. Just a reminder that if you are having trouble selecting employees in a Management Action form or do not see the appropriate Approver, please submit the request to HR Info Systems Help [email protected].

For questions or feedback, please send an email to the PeopleConnect Team [email protected].