The next wave of the Human Resources customer satisfaction survey begins next week. The survey is conducted quarterly to ensure we gather regular feedback from HR customers. We recently received the results from the last wave (conducted in July 2018) and are pleased to share some key findings:

  • Overall satisfaction among individual contributors reached its highest level yet
  • Many verbatim comments highlight the professionalism of and positive interactions customers have with HR staff
  • Managers continue to be less satisfied than individual contributors, especially with HR systems and critical processes, including Job Classification and Compensation and Leave Management
  • Verbatim comments reinforce that we need to improve our response time and strengthen relationships with our customers to ensure we understand their business

The survey results guide our strategic planning and continuous improvement goals. Our FY19 operational and process improvement goals are focused on improving customer satisfaction while upholding UCOP and UCSF policy requirements. We want to highlight a few of the many projects now underway that are intended to address concerns identified in the survey: 

  • Full campus launch of PeopleConnect Management Actions on 10/29 – replacement of the HR Service Request System (SRS) which provides a more streamlined interface; maintains the functionality of the HR Service Request System (SRS); Salesforce platform provides flexibility to meet the changing needs of UCSF
  • HR On-Site – HR Generalists provide a more personalized HR approach by holding office hours in client departments to provide consultation, help with questions, and build relationships
  • Classification/Compensation initiatives – development of an equity methodology and process, and shortening the timeline to post replacement jobs to improve consistency and decrease the turnaround time for compensation/classification actions

Next week, email invitations will be sent to those randomly selected to participate in this wave of the survey. Although the survey is conducted quarterly, individuals will not be asked to take the Human Resources survey more than once per year. If you receive an invitation for this wave, we hope you will take a few minutes to respond. Your feedback is very important in helping us identify how to continually improve our service delivery. 

Please email [email protected] with any questions.