In early October 2018, student employees with certain appointment types will begin reporting work hours using Huntington Business Systems (HBS).

Impacted Student Employee Populations which will begin reporting hours using HBS:

  • Student employees who are FLSA non-exempt, are paid biweekly, and today report hours using a paper time record
  • These student employees have an appointment type of "Casual/Restricted" - an appointment reserved for registered undergraduate and graduate students gaining work experience and financial support while pursuing their educational objective
  • Includes students working in staff title codes either in departments or who are on work study

Student Employee Populations continuing to report hours using a paper time record:

  • Student employees who are FLSA exempt and are paid monthly by exception
    • Student employees paid by exception do not need to report hours and do not accrue leave
    • This includes academic student employees: Tutors*, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Student Researchers

*Some exempt employees who report variable hours today will move to a biweekly pay schedule and will report hours using HBS.

While the majority of UCSF employees began using HBS several years ago, student employees were excluded at the time of implementation due to work study requirements. For the approximately 200 student employees included in the October 2018 implementation, HBS will provide a standardized, electronic method to record work hours. Supervisors will be able to accurately and efficiently review hours and approve leave requests.

Impacted student employees and timesheet group approvers will receive a direct communication with more details about this change, including training opportunities prior to go live.

If you have questions about HBS, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.