Interested in a WIN-WIN staff development opportunity? Host a UCSF Staff Intern! According to the 2018 Gallup Survey, employee development leads to increased levels of staff engagement and productivity.

Does your department have a developmental opportunity that a UCSF staff member could fill and benefit from? The Staff Internship Program Committee is actively recruiting host departments who are willing to provide an internship experience for a UCSF staff member. The goal of the program is to provide existing UCSF policy covered career employees with hands-on learning experiences to broaden their skills and knowledge, connect with another departments, and resulting in strengthened career pathways. Your department may offer the type of experiences to propel an intern to the next level of their career, and your department is able to have a short-term positioned filled! It is a win-win!

For questions, please email Romina Reyes at [email protected].