• A suite of health sciences-related policies have been revised in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) and will be implemented on July 1, 2018.
  • Resources are available to assist with the implementation. Click here.

Please review the highlights of the recent revisions in the APM specific to health sciences-related appointments. These policies will be implemented on July 1, 2018. A discussion of the background and principles guiding these policy revisions is available online at the UCOP website.

Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series (APM 278 and APM 210-6):

  • Clarifies appointment and promotion criteria in this series
  • Differentiates this series from the Volunteer Clinical Professor series (APM 279)

Definition: Health Sciences Clinical Professors are faculty whose primary duties are clinical teaching and clinical practice within the health sciences professions, who are expected to engage in scholarly or creative activity in the context of clinical duties and in University and public service.

Of note: Per 278-4, “Health Sciences Clinical Professor series faculty engage in scholarly or creative activities which derive from and support their primary responsibilities in clinical teaching and professional and service activities.” At UCSF, we anticipate that the vast majority, if not all, current HS Clinical faculty are already meeting these expectations. For some faculty, we anticipate that updates to the CV may be necessary to make these activities apparent to those who review academic advancement actions. The UCSF Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP) has provided further guidance here.

Volunteer Clinical Professor Series (APM 279):

  • Clarifies clinical competency requirements, via an attestation form
  • Simplifies renewal/promotion periods

Definition: Appointees in the Volunteer Clinical Professor series are clinicians in the community who teach the application of clinical and basic sciences in areas of patient care on a part-time, unsalaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, patient care, and clinical research.

Of note: An individual who is employed by the University as a staff physician or clinician and who has teaching responsibilities may now hold a concurrent appointment in this series (previously, this was not allowed by policy).

Clinical Associates (APM 350):

  • Creates a new, non-faculty academic title for clinical practitioners without teaching responsibilities who are employed by University health system network sites and satellite health care facilities.

Definition: Clinical Associates are volunteer clinicians (non-faculty) who contribute to the University of California using their expertise, knowledge and perspectives but have no teaching or research obligations to the University. Clinical Associates practice at UC-affiliated facilities, which include University-managed clinics or practices as well as satellite health care facilities with which the University has a formal affiliation.

Available Resources:

Whenever possible, the impact to faculty and administrators for implementing these policies are being mitigated. For example, the Advance system will be updated to facilitate the attestation form process for Volunteer Clinical Professors and the Clinical Associate appointment/reappointment process. We have also developed a streamlined process for transferring current appointees who might be more appropriately appointed in a different series given the new policy updates. Several resources have been developed to assist faculty and administrators and they are available on the Academic Affairs website.