For employees retiring on July 1, 2018, please note that employees under the UCRP 1976 Tier must separate on June 28, 2018, or earlier to be eligible for the Inactive Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). This year the Inactive COLA is 2 percent which is applied to the HAPC or salary component of the calculation, and results in a slightly higher initial benefit for the retiree. It is important that tickets coded for ‘Retirement’ do not reflect a separation date of June 29 or June 30, 2018, as that would affect their eligibility for the Inactive COLA. Essentially, employees with a retirement date of July 1 cannot be employed on the last business day of the month in June, if their goal is to receive the Inactive COLA. 

Please contact your designated Benefits Analyst or the Benefits Specialty Office at (415) 476-1400 with questions.