The Talent Acquisition team is committed to finding innovative methods to improve the interview and selection process. Small pilot groups of departments have participated in using Talent Plus’s online assessment tool as a data point for evaluating their top candidates, which has led to positive outcomes.

Talent Plus is a leading talent assessment partner. Their Talent Online Assessment helps identify people with the potential for near-perfect performance to assist in the selection and development of new hires. It has proven results to improve retention, engagement, and job performance. The assessment measures talent for a particular job. In addition, the selection tool may be used to evaluate people moving between roles.

Talent Online Assessment is built with the highest degree of scientific rigor, and meets all of the U.S. Department of Labor Uniform Guidelines and scientifically validated instruments. Their research team not only builds all of their instruments, but also continuously performs benchmark studies across industries to find best performer traits in various industries.

If you are currently recruiting to fill a role and want to be part of the countless assessments showing strong relationships between Talent Plus results and business outcomes in workplaces like higher education and healthcare, contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist or, for more information or consultation, contact Jessica Driessler, Talent Acquisition Manager.