Name: Lidia Shakhnovich

Job Title: Talent Acquisition Coordinator

HR Team/Work Unit: Talent Acquisition

Why Nominated: Lidia is pivotal to the success of the entire Talent Team, and her ability to process recruitment requests accurately and in a timely manner is outstanding. She contributes to new ways to make her job more efficient, and also to improve processes.

“Lidia has demonstrated her ability to meet her metrics, provide good service, and she is a reliant team member.

What does Lidia enjoy doing outside of work?

“During my spare time, I enjoy walking. I like walking around to explore beautiful views, entertaining areas, or interesting historical places. I also enjoy cooking in my free time. I often watch cooking channels to learn new cooking techniques and learn about new dishes and traditions in different cuisines.”   

Name: Gwen Stiewing

Job Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist

HR Team/Work Unit: Talent Acquisition

Why Nominated: Gwen was nominated for her outstanding customer service, being a great colleague, and having good work ethics. She is easy to work with, and she is very pleasant.

I had a recent opportunity to partner with her and found her to be an exemplary employee and colleague. Her responses were immediate, and she collaborated on every step of the process ensuring every detail was accounted for. I look forward to more opportunities in working with her.

What does Gwen enjoy doing outside of work?

“I enjoy traveling with my husband. Whether it’s abroad or to visit my loved ones on the East Coast, we always have a good time.”