The next wave of the Human Resources customer satisfaction survey will begin next week. The survey is conducted quarterly to ensure we gather regular feedback from HR customers. Over the past year, we have identified some key findings:

  • Our staff are viewed as knowledgeable and treat their customers with respect.
  • New employees are pleased with the onboarding process as they find value in the information provided and the process to be efficient.
  • Customers find Learning and Development resources to be relevant and effective.
  • Campus customers value FSAP services.
  • We need to improve our customer-facing tools, such as the website.
  • We need to improve our response time.   
  • There are a number of core processes that need to be prioritized for improvement, specifically related to Job Classification and Compensation, and Leave Management - Managers/Supervisors.

We closely watch the survey results during each wave and use them to inform our continuous improvement priorities. Additionally, we are enthusiastic about how PeopleConnectHR’s new portal for UCSF employees, helps us address customer-facing tools and response time.

Next week, email invitations will be sent to those randomly selected to participate in this wave of the survey. Although the survey is conducted quarterly, individuals will not be asked to take the Human Resources survey more than once per year. If you receive an invitation for this wave, we hope you will take a few minutes to respond.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.