UCSF HR is implementing a staggered approach for the FY19 academic renewals and compensation letters. Please carefully read all the instructions below and contact your Academic HR Shared Services team if you have any questions. Please note that these dates are subject to change, and if so, you will be notified in a timely manner. 


Key Dates



Due by: 
March 16th   

Non-Renewals are due to HR. If there are any remaining non- renewals (excludes voluntary separations, extensions), contact HR as soon as possible.

Non-renewals require a stated reason with advance review/approval by the Dean’s Office, prior to communicating to the individual being non-renewed.

Week of April 2nd  

Renewal Spreadsheets available to departments via UCSF Box*

Including the following populations:

  1. NFA
  2. FY Paid Faculty
  3. All Recalls
  4. VCF
  5. Other WOS (Affiliates, FY, NFA, Emeritus)
  6. Joint WOS appointments
  • Please read the first tab of the Renewal Spreadsheet for instructions
  • Departments should add columns for unique comp letter components as needed. Work with your HR service center regarding questions.

* Departments will receive the HCOMP faculty spreadsheet with FY19 salary data the week of June 4. See section below.

Due by: 
April 30th

HCOMP Faculty salary increases over 10%: Complete the spreadsheet provided and submit to HR Generalist 

(required for SOM/SOD/SON departments only)

MPM submissions for above 10% increases will be held until approval is received.


May 1st  

MPM opens for renewals from depts.

Submit FY18 fund changes before submitting the FY19 renewal in MPM.

On May 1st, MPM will default to fund year FY19

Once the renewal MPM is processed, the system can no longer accept funding changes for the current fiscal year. 

Due by: 
May 14th  

Renewal Spreadsheets are due for all  except HCOMP Faculty:

  1. NFA
  2. FY Paid Faculty
  3. All Recalls
  4. VCF
  5. Other WOS (Affiliates, FY, NFA, Emeritus)

Submit MPM out of scope renewals via  SRS (or PeopleConnect for pilot departments)

Renewal Spreadsheet actions:

  • HR will change the spreadsheet access to ‘view only’ for departments
  • HR will send renewal spreadsheets to Transaction Services Unit (TSU) for processing
  • If there are changes after May 14th, departments should contact their HR Academic Manager.

Due by:
May 31st

Submit individual tickets for renewals not processed ‘as-is’ (i.e. changes to funding, salary, step, rank, title  code, separations)

A ticket will not be needed for “as is” renewals. Submit individual tickets if changes do apply – these are needed for payroll processing. 

Due by:
May 31st

FY18 (current year) Funding Changes due

JUNE BLACKOUT PERIOD: FY18 fund changes will not be accepted after 5/31. If a fund change is needed, the department will need to process via a PET. 

HCOMP Faculty renewals submitted in the MPM will generate a spreadsheet with FY19 salary- See deadlines below

Due by: 
May 31st  

Submit all HCOMP FY19 faculty renewals

HR will utilize MPM data to further populate the HCOMP Faculty renewal spreadsheet. All renewals submitted in the MPM by May 31 will be captured in the FY19 salary data download.

Departments can continue to submit MPM renewals after May 31, but the salary data will not be included in the automated download for the renewal spreadsheet.

Chair’s salaries should be renewed as-is, until renegotiation has been completed by the Dean’s Office. 

Week of June 4th MPM Download of FY19 salary data

Departments will be notified of the updated HCOMP Faculty spreadsheet the week of June 4th with available FY19 salary pre-filled.

Departments are responsible for reviewing the spreadsheet and filling in the remaining fields that could not be populated (e.g., out of scope MPM actions, renewals that were not submitted in the MPM by 5/31).

Due by: 
June 11th   

Last day to update HCOMP Faculty Renewal Spreadsheet

Departments must update the HCOMP faculty spreadsheet by 5 p.m. June 11th.

HR and departments collaborate to complete and send out Comp Letters for department review/signature.

Departments are responsible for updating the comp letters if there are changes after June 11th.

Renewals not completed by deadline:

If required data is not received from the department, existing funding will be renewed in the payroll system through July 31st.

Comp Letters for Department Chairs:

Dean’s Offices coordinate the comp letters for Chairs

June 22nd   

HR will send departments finalized comp plan / APM137 letters

Departments will issue the signed compensation/APM137 letters by June 30th.

Due by:
July 31st

Send a signed copy of all comp plan /APM 137 letters to HR to retain in the personnel files.



FSC = Faculty Salary Calculator MPM = Magical PAF Machine NFA = Non-Faculty Academic PET= Payroll Expense Transfer SRS = Service Request System VCF=Volunteer Clinical Faculty WOS = Without Salary