Employees in either a same-gender or opposite-gender domestic partnership (regardless of age) may be eligible to establish their domestic partner for purposes of the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) survivor benefits and death benefits. It is critical that you establish your domestic partnership in advance to ensure your partner will be eligible to obtain these benefits.

There are three options to establishing a domestic partnership for UCRP:

  • Registration of your domestic partnership with the State of California; OR
  • Registration of your same-gender union, other than marriage, in another jurisdiction that is substantially equivalent to a California domestic partnership; OR
  • Sign and file a UC Declaration of Domestic Partnership (UBEN 250) with UC Human Resources Records Management (P.O. Box 24570, Oakland, CA 94623-1570). Please note that the both the UCRP member and the domestic partner must sign the UBEN 250 form. If both you and your domestic partner are employees eligible for UCRP, you must each submit a separate UBEN 250, signed by both partners

For more details please view the UCnet article, Understanding UC’s Benefits for Domestic Partners.

Additional information and resources can be obtained through UCSF People Connect.  Login at https://ucsf.connectmehr.com, select the “Moments That Matter” tab (https://ucsf.connectmehr.com/dashboard?id=a0B41000005vQ6UEAU)  and then launch Establishing a Domestic Partnership.