In an effort to streamline and expedite the advancement process for Junior and Assistant Specialists (up to Step 2), the VPAA in consultation with the Vice and Associate Deans for Academic Affairs has approved the following abbreviated review process for on-time actions effective July 1, 2018, or later:

New Abbreviated Dossier Requirements for On-time Advancement Actions to Junior Specialist, Step 2 and Assistant Specialist, Steps 1 & 2:

  • If the supervisor supports the on-time action, include the certification statement below in the additional  comments section of the Chair Letter in Advance*
  • Leave the remainder of the Chair Letter blank (no additional category ratings are required)
  • Advance CV
  • Concurrence of joint department, ORU and/or School where individual has an academic appointment, if applicable

* [Insert header: “Specialist Series Advancement Certification Statement”

This statement serves to confirm that I have evaluated the performance of [insert name] and that s/he meets the academic personnel policy criteria for advancement from [insert rank, step] to [insert rank, step]. Additionally, I confirm that he/she meets the expectations for performance in research, professional competence and activity as well as University and Public Service.  I support this advancement action effective [include date]. Optional: supervisor to include additional information to support this action]


  • The purpose of the certification statement is to ensure that all performance expectations have been met; any abbreviated actions without the above statement and CV will be returned for correction.
  • These changes do not cover appointment actions within the specialist series. For appointments and all other actions not explicitly listed above, please see campus dossier checklist for requirements.
  • The abbreviated action process is “optional” and it is at the discretion of the department to determine if they would prefer to put forward a complete chair’s letter in Advance. Likewise, the reviewing agencies may also request a full chair’s letter, or further information upon review of any action.