Human Resources is pleased to announce the launch of UCSF PeopleConnect, HR’s new, intuitive portal for UCSF employees and managers to find HR information, submit HR questions, and follow self-guided steps to complete HR actions. 

  • Watch our brief introductory video, Welcome to UCSF PeopleConnect.
  • Login to PeopleConnect by clicking the hyperlink or via MyAccess.
  • Click on the PeopleConnect Homepage tile “PeopleConnect Training” to find user resources, including user guides, and both general and technical FAQs.
    • User resources are also available on the HR website.

In the coming weeks, HR staff will spread the word through regular interactions with employees and managers and begin to introduce PeopleConnect to new employees during onboarding. Following this soft launch, HR will conduct more extensive outreach about PeopleConnect.

As part of the PeopleConnect launch, information and content currently in the HR website’s Knowledge Bank will be migrated gradually to PeopleConnect. There are several important things to know about this transition: 

  • PeopleConnect will be the best place to search for and locate knowledge/content related to HR processes. 
  • If you cannot locate something in PeopleConnect, please refer back to the HR website in case it has not yet been migrated.
  • If you cannot find something you need in PeopleConnect or on the HR website, use the “Ask a Question” feature in PeopleConnect or contact your HR representative for assistance. 
  • Content migration will be ongoing for the next few months, so we appreciate your patience and feedback while we update content and complete the transition. 

In early 2018, PeopleConnect will replace the HR Service Request System forms that departments currently use to submit requests for HR actions. We will conduct a pilot with a few departments in the fall/winter before rolling out the new forms to the whole campus. 

Human Resources is excited about the opportunities PeopleConnect presents to standardize our work, enabling us to provide more efficient service and conduct sharper data analyses that help us align to our Service Partnership Agreements.

For technical questions, please submit a Technical Support request in PeopleConnect or email [email protected]

Managers and supervisors, please share this announcement with your teams and colleagues.