UCSF has officially launched UCSF Recognize, a new organization-wide recognition platform that allows us to thank each other for a helping hand and acknowledge our colleagues for a job well done. Recognize.ucsf.edu, accessible to all UCSF employees via MyAccess, offers a fun, quick, and easy-to-use format for recognition.

Employees are encouraged to recognize colleagues by using the two buttons on the homepage to send them a digital card or an email. Their manager will be copied, and their recognition will be loaded on the site, giving them public recognition that others can ‘like’, all while encouraging them to pass it on. The site also includes helpful hints to make your recognition meaningful as well as cards that you can download and print for your teams to hand out as desired.

We encourage managers to spread the word about UCSF Recognize. Click here for sample message text to send to your teams encouraging them to visit the site and contribute to creating a culture of recognition by acknowledging the contributions of others.

Regular, meaningful recognition not only helps staff feel valued, but it can also improve productivity, increase loyalty, inspire collaboration — all positives that help boost engagement and wellbeing at UCSF. We hope this site supports your existing recognition behaviors and helps you and your team start new ones. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we welcome them at [email protected].