The results of the 2017 Faculty Climate Survey are now available on the UCSF Academic Affairs website here and are being featured in a story at here

Overall, the 2017 survey results indicate that three-quarters of the faculty who responded continue to express general satisfaction with their careers at UCSF. This is attributed especially to opportunities for intellectual stimulation, collaboration, and interactions with students and colleagues. While this is indeed positive feedback, the 2017 survey also shows that progress made toward improving the climate for women and underrepresented minorities has either stalled or, in some cases, worsened since the 2001 and 2011 faculty climate surveys. Additionally, as the cost of living continues to rise in the Bay Area, the faculty perception of inadequate compensation, along with concerns about difficult commutes, are recurring themes in the survey results.

After reading Climate Survey results, you will see that several areas related to work-life balance overlap with recommendations made in the January 2017 Faculty Family Friendly Initiative (3FI) report. For this reason, both reports will be released on the same date. The 3FI report can be accessed here

To review and address the Climate Survey findings in detail, Brian Alldredge, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, has appointed a committee of faculty that will meet over the next several months to develop an action plan with recommendations that will be presented to campus leadership by the end of the year. He will also discuss the 3FI report and specific recommendations with campus leaders in the fall.