The watch list job review is a key effort conducted by our Systemwide Career Tracks Steering Committee to evaluate refreshed labor market wage data relative to our salary grade structure for Career Tracks job titles. This annual review supports our commitment to employees and managers to actively manage and maintain our alignment with the external labor market.  While salary grades are uniform across all locations for each job title, actual range minimums, midpoints and maximums are adjusted locally to reflect differences in the cost of labor.

The Systemwide Steering Committee considered job titles in ranges that lag market 15% or more for a sustained period of time (two or more years). In addition, other selected titles were reviewed by the committee based on internal equity and/or other local considerations. Effective 7/1/17, salary grades will be adjusted for 55 job titles as a result of this year’s review. A comprehensive list of affected job titles can be found here (requires MyAccess login). Please keep these salary grade changes in mind as you are making employment offers into these impacted titles.

By August 

  • Compensation will identify employees affected by grade change 
  • Notification to managers if any employees are below salary range minimum of new salary grade
  • Managers receive letters from HR for employees that are changing salary grade
  • Managers provide letters to impacted employees regarding changes to the salary grade of their job

By October

  • Managers will receive pay analysis related to the change to the employee’s new salary grade
  • Consultation with HR Generalist and/or Compensation Specialist on pay increase available

By December

  • Any recommended pay adjustments for employees impacted by watch list jobs are implemented with a 7/1/17 effective date

Please contact Kellie Beale with questions.