UCSF is transitioning to a new vendor to provide outplacement services for our Professional and Support Staff (PSS) and Management and Senior Professional (MSP) employees on layoff status. Career Arc services will be replacing our current vendor, Lee Hecht Harrison.

With Career Arc UCSF will only have one program for both PSS and MSP employees – Your Next Step Gold. The cost of the Gold program is $750 per employee, which the department will be charged if the employee on layoff status elects to use the services.

The new vendor and program will only be used for new business plans. Any current business plan where information regarding Lee Hecht Harrison has been communicated either verbally and/or in writing should be completed with the applicable Lee Hecht Harrison program. The per-employee cost with Career Arc will be lower than our current vendor while still providing quality and essential career transition services. If you have any questions, please contact your department LER representative.