Dear Colleagues,

It is such a busy time of year that I will keep my message brief, but I do want to share updates on some important HR initiatives.  

Staff Engagement: As Chancellor Hawgood recently announced, we saw continued improvement in staff engagement with the results of the 2017 UCSF Staff Engagement Survey. Now, managers and teams are developing action/impact plans to address team priorities, with a focus on:

  • Maintaining or building on the area of strength with greatest impact on team’s success and engagement
  • Improving on the area of challenge with greatest impact on team’s success and engagement

The Learning and Organization Development department is supporting these efforts by providing engagement manager training, targeted consultations, verbatim analysis to identify patterns, and integration of engagement skills into development programs. Learning and Development provides many resources for managers and teams to support these activities, and I encourage you to review and use them.

Customer survey: During the fall, we announced our piloting of a new customer survey . Several thousand academic and staff employees completed the survey during the first three waves, and the next wave begins in mid-June. We have been consulting with the HR Advisory Board about how to use the findings to guide our process improvement efforts and how to keep the UCSF community informed. I look forward to sharing more details on how the survey is influencing our priorities in the fall, once we have a full year of data. I am grateful to everyone who has taken time to participate, and hope those of you remaining in Wave 4 will complete the survey also.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system: In January, I announced that we were beginning preparations to implement a CRM system to provide a streamlined, web-based interface for employees and supervisors/managers to interact with HR. Over the last several months, we have focused on designing and building the system, called PeopleConnect. Customer focus groups have provided critical feedback, which helped refine the design and identify important activities for change management and training. Customer and HR users are now participating in testing while we finalize the implementation timeline. We intend to make the roll-out of PeopleConnect as smooth as possible for all users.  Stay tuned for more details throughout the summer, as we prepare to launch several new customer support features in early Fall.

Best regards,

David Odato
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
UCSF Health