A new functionality has been released in the AP Recruit system to track “soft offers,” which includes a new applicant status called “soft offer extended.”  A “soft offer” is an informal or verbal offer extended to the applicant as a way of testing their interest in the position before it is filled. While this kind of offer may not include all the details that a formal offer would include, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) requires that the information be tracked. Prior to this new feature, AP Recruit did not store information about soft offers.  So it was not possible to tell if an applicant received such an offer.  

Additionally, a “declined soft offer” status has also been created.  This should be used when an applicant declines a verbal or informal offer based on the details they were given. Until this feature was implemented, declines of only formal offers were being tracked even though candidates were declining offers before reaching the formal offer stage. The new functionality will help departments and schools track, as well as understand why they may fail to attract their first choice candidates.

Please contact your Academic Recruitment Specialist  with questions.