We are excited to announce enhancements to the HR Service Request System (SRS). There were two major updates:

  • Replacing the current worklist with the beta worklist, which has been in production for a few months. Thank you for the feedback. It has been redesigned with a focus on speed, utility, and increased browser support. 
  • Changes to the staff new hire form, based on user feedback. The updates will provide a faster system, easier navigation between ticket tabs, as well as added features to assist users in filling out and completing required ticket information.  

Staff New Hire Ticket Enhancements
Ticket Initiators: New Features

  • Faster navigation in creating a new hire ticket and navigating through the tabs. 
  • Title and Pay Plan (TPP) rates will display when a payroll title and, if applicable, a step and grade are selected and entered in the form. 
    • This update will provide users with an instant view of salary ranges for the entered title code.


  • Unlimited funding lines now available
    • The previous version was limited to three funding lines. User feedback indicates unlimited funding lines are needed to accurately indicate salary funding for new hires. 
  • Display and selection of manager’s Huntington Business System (HBS) timesheet groups to assist with entering new hire information.
    • This feature will ease the selection of the manager’s timesheet group. User can select the needed timesheet group and it will enter automatically. This feature will save the ticket initiator time by displaying already established time sheet groups for the selected manager. The initiator can just click on the needed timesheet group, and it will be entered into the field.  


  • HBS timecard details button to assist with timesheet setup.
    • No more searching for this field in the new hire ticket. A simple click of a button will display the blank timesheet setup form. 

New Required Fields for Initiators: 

  • There are two new required fields for initiators to enter in the draft new hire form. 
  1. Appointment Type 
  2. Payroll Title field


  • These fields must be entered for the ticket to be forwarded to the selected department approver. If the fields are not entered, a warning text will display indicating the needed information to route the ticket for approval. This feature is intended to eliminate the ticket being returned for changes and expedites the gathering of needed ticket information. 

New “Return for Changes” Reason

  • HR generalists are now required to make a ‘Return for Changes’ reason selection before returning a ticket back to the initiator. This will enable initiators to quickly see why the ticket was returned for changes and add the updated information to the ticket. 
    • This change is implemented on all ticket types

The goal of these enhancements is to make the tool easier to use and as efficient as possible in gathering necessary information. Please contact [email protected] with questions.