Due to the implementation of Career Tracks, the structure and work flow within the Compensation Unit is changing. The following is a high-level description of the new structure and services provided by the unit:

Compensation Unit Structure

Kellie Beale, Compensation Consultant for the Campus
Kellie is the strategic Compensation partner for the UCSF Campus and the Office of the President. Kellie provides high-level compensation and classification support and oversees and develops all compensation programs for the Campus. 

Crystal Morris, Compensation Supervisor
Crystal supervises the Compensation Team who provides direct day-to-day compensation support to the Campus. She leads all bargaining unit pay implementations and partners with Kellie Beale on large scale compensation initiatives. Additionally, she works with Joanne Fraysse-Gordon on executive compensation.

Compensation Specialists
The Compensation Team supports and partners with departments on the day-to-day classification work. In addition, they perform ad hoc compensation analysis and partner with Kellie Beale and Crystal Morris on Compensation programs and initiatives. The team is made up of the following compensation specialists:

  • Marilyn Cimahosky, Sr. Compensation Specialist
  • Emily Hong, Sr. Compensation Specialist
  • Ashika Nahal, Sr. Compensation Specialist
  • Melissa Ward, Sr. Compensation Specialist
  • TBA - Sr. Compensation Specialist

Please see the updated organizational chart here

Executive Compensation

Joanne Fraysse-Gordon, Executive Compensation & Faculty Administrator Specialist/UCSF Senior Management Group (SMG) Coordinator
Joanne is the Executive Compensation partner for UCSF Campus, UCSF Health, and the Office of the President. She supports the Executive Compensation approval processes subject to local, Presidential, and Regental approval levels. In addition, she is the SMG Coordinator for UCSF Campus and UCSF Health. Joanne reports directly to David Odato, Senior Vice President-Human Resources.

Work Flow Overview
To ensure consistency in classification for staff hires, all classification tickets are reviewed by the Compensation Unit. This includes new and replacement positions, limited hires, quick hires, and student interns. With the implementation of Career Tracks, some work has moved from the HR Generalists to the Compensation Unit. In addition to initial job classification the following actions are handled by the Compensation Unit:

  • Reclassifications 
  • Initial salary setting requests for intra/inter campus transfers that are 15% or greater
  • Exceptional equity requests
  • Out of seniority layoff review
  • Stipend exceptions
  • Multi-Location Reviews
  • Bargaining unit wage implementations and pay rate changes
  • FLSA exemption evaluations and compliance management
  • Minimum Wage and Fair Wage for Fair Work compliance 
  • Department of Labor and OFCCP Compensation Related Requests
  • Salary survey participation
  • Premium pay programs such as on-call pay and shift differentials
  • Annual Salary program (merit and focal equity)
  • Recognition programs including STAR and departmental gift card rewards
  • Retention and Incentive programs including CEMRP2

We assigned the client groups for each of the Compensation Analysts based on headcount and ticket volume. This new structure will be effective Wednesday, April 19. The new team structure can be found here. We are working with IT to populate the “Find your HR Representative” tool and will communicate when that resource is available. The Compensation Unit will meet with clients in order to learn your business and proactively partner with you on upcoming compensation needs.

Previously, we communicated that due to the implementation of Career Tracks, the Compensation Unit would be unable to meet the agreed-upon SPAs. It is our hope that this change in structure results in an improvement to the turnaround times and overall service from the Compensation Unit.

For any questions on the above information or on the services that the Compensation Unit provides please direct your questions to Katy Rau, Director for HR Staff Shared Services and the Compensation Unit & Strategic Rewards.