Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! In my first update of 2014, I am pleased to share news about a number of positive activities that lay the foundation for a year focused on improving service. Highlights of this edition include:

  • New Service Partnership Agreement recommendations
  • Funding Model recommendations for FY15
  • New Chart of Accounts preparation
  • Pregnancy Disability Leave workshops
  • Staffing updates

Last week, the staff and academic Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) subcommittees recommended revisions to the HR Service Partnership Agreement to the HR Advisory Board. The recommendations included academic and staff metrics, which will take effect at the start of the next fiscal year, as well as academic- and staff-focused process improvements, which HR will begin working toward immediately. The recommended process improvements will facilitate our ability to consistently meet the service metrics, and we expect to begin implementation next month. Please review the full subcommittee report for details on the metrics and process improvement priorities. We will also post the new SPA here soon.

The HR Advisory Board also endorsed recommendations from the HR Funding Model subcommittee last week, and the recommendations were approved by Senior Vice Chancellor John Plotts. The full subcommittee report can be found here along with the FY15 population prices, but in summary, the subcommittee:

  • Reconfirmed its tentative proposal from last year, recommending a 4.9 percent inflationary rate increase for FY15.
  • Reviewed workload analysis by the service center directors and recommended no changes to population weightings.
  • Endorsed investments in HR systems and acknowledged the need for partnership among HR, control points, and departments for process improvement and role definition.

The SPA subcommittees and the Funding Model subcommittee dedicated a significant amount of time to developing these recommendations. I am grateful for their time and expertise in advising HR and providing recommendations that will help all of us to be successful in our ongoing partnership. Furthermore, I thank Clarice Estrada, Larisa Kure, Cynthia Lynch Leathers, and Jason Stout for co-chairing the SPA subcommittees and Maye Chrisman for chairing the Funding Model subcommittee. Their leadership yielded such effective recommendations!

HR is actively preparing for the new Chart of Accounts implementation in March. We are modifying our systems, gathering stakeholder input, and testing the changes with high volume users. We anticipate a smooth transition for HR systems and tools and will keep you informed via HR Update as the COA go live approaches.

In response to customer feedback about the pregnancy disability leave process, we have created a Pregnancy Disability Workshop to help campus staff develop personalized plans for pregnancy disability leave. More information is available here.

Jenny Schreiber has accepted the position of Director of HR Shared Services. Katy Rau has taken on the role of interim assistant director of Service Center B, and Sausan Fahmy has become UCSF’s Chief Learning Officer.

Judging by the length of this update, HR is off to a busy start this year! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.