The 2017 staff renewal process will start on April 10 and mirror last year’s campus process. Spreadsheets listing employees with appointment and/or distribution end dates of June 30, 2017, or earlier will be sent to the department for review and follow-up. Your HR generalist will provide detailed instructions on actions to take when they email the spreadsheets to you. Please note that this process is only to extend appointments and distributions – any funding changes are to be submitted per usual process via Service Request System (SRS) ticket. 

Departments will have three weeks to review and complete the information for Round 1.   Additional reports will be generated thereafter to capture any fallouts. We anticipate Round 2 will start the week of May 22 and will have much shorter turnaround time. Exact timing will be communicated in the next few weeks. Below are key dates for Round 1:


Please contact your HR generalist with questions.