UCOP has updated PPSM 21: Selection and Appointment Policy. The revised policy requires that a pre-employment criminal background check is initiated for new staff hires in positions classified as “critical” (as defined in PPSM 21). To implement this new requirement, the UCSF background check process for Campus and Health is being standardized to safeguard the University and ensure consistent, timely onboarding for approximately 2000 campus staff employees a year. For operational efficiency, we are extending the requirement to all staff new hires. Effective March 13, 2017, pre-employment background checks will be required for all staff employees.   

Current process

  • Currently UCSF Campus conducts background checks for “critical” positions utilizing a fingerprint-based “LiveScan” check after the new hire has started work
  • Approximately 75 percent of Campus staff new hires receive background checks
  • Currently UCSF Campus departments supply funding information for LiveScan background checks 
  • Currently UCSF Health’s process requires background checks for all new hires prior to the first day of employment using an online name-based background check service

New process:

  • Conduct name-based criminal background checks for all campus staff new hires using the vendor that UCSF Health currently uses 
  • Complete and review criminal background check results prior to the employee’s first day
  • Funding for name-based criminal background checks will be managed centrally rather than individually billing each department
  • Departments with compliance and security requirements that include ongoing monitoring will conduct a second (post-hire) background check with LiveScan to enable ongoing monitoring of criminal convictions (currently, the UCSF Police department is the only unit subject to ongoing monitoring)

HR is partnering with the UCSF Program Management Office (PMO) to prepare for this change and ensure the new process is in place prior to the March 13 implementation and to provide necessary, timely information to managers/supervisors. Additional information will be shared via HR Update, and HR will offer two webinars to explain the new process and answer questions.  

Questions? Contact Katy Rau.