With the fiscal year coming to a close, UCSF HR would like to remind you of important steps to ensure renewal actions are processed in a timely manner. A detailed timeline will be forthcoming. 

Non-Renewals - Due ASAP, no later than March 17 

Ensure you communicate all non-renewals, involuntary reductions in time, or layoffs to your academic HR generalist/manager as soon as possible or no later than March 17.

  • There are notice requirements (e.g., 30-60 days) based on the series and time the academic employee has been in their position.
  • These actions require a stated reason (e.g., lack of funding, programmatic changes, etc.) with advance review and approval by the Dean’s Office prior to being communicated to the non-renewed individual.

New Appointments: 
New academic appointments for July 1 (including requests for concurrent without salary (WOS) faculty appointments that are needed for your clinical fellow hires):

  • Once you have an approved search or search waiver and a signed offer letter, please ensure individual HR Service Request System (SRS) tickets are submitted, with appropriate lead time to ensure the appointments can be processed in time for the desired start dates. (See "Timing Considerations - Academic Appointments" with more information included in the following article.)

Separations – Resignations:
Academic separations you are aware of between now and July 1:

  • Please submit individual SRS tickets for separations, and remind the employee to submit their final timesheet to HBS by the 15th of their separation month, which ensures they are paid their terminal vacation in a timely manner.
  • For faculty separations, indicate if the faculty plans to return on a volunteer basis. 
  • Employees cannot use vacation on their final date of employment (this does apply to retirees).

Separations - Retirement/Recall:
If any of your non-faculty academic (NFA) or faculty members are retiring:

  • Submit an SRS ticket for their retirement, and remind the employee to submit their final timesheet to HBS by the 15th. of their retirement month, which ensures they are paid their terminal vacation
  • If they will be recalled, please submit a separate SRS rehire ticket at least 60 days before the desired start date.
  • For faculty, senate emeritus is automatically conferred; non-senate emeritus needs to be requested and approved (please contact your academic HR generalist).
  • Faculty members do not need the emeritus title to be appointed to the recalled title.

Renewals and Compensation Plan Letters:
A communication with instructions and deadlines for processing renewals and compensation plan letters will be sent out in March. 

  • If you have any faculty who will receive a salary increase over 10 percent for FY18, an Excel template will be provided for you to input the percent increase and justification. (Required for SOM/SOD/SON departments.)

Please contact your academic HR generalist or manager with any questions.