Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! With the new year, it is time for my annual update on UCSF Human Resources’ rates, Service Partnership Agreement (SPA), and other important initiatives. 

Last week, the HR Advisory Board reviewed and endorsed our recharge rates for FY18 based on the recommendations of the HR funding model subcommittee. The key recommendations are:

  • Inflationary increase of 3% to each population category’s rates for FY18 
    • This follows the subcommittee’s recommendation last year that HR’s rates should escalate at the same rate as fixed cost increases for other units in order to meet customer service goals and unexpected workload adjustments. 
  • Increase the weighting of MSP clinicians with a concomitant WOS academic appointment to 100% from 80% 
    • This is to accommodate the effort associated with managing staff and academic appointments for this population.
  • Collect billing chartstrings for all departments in May of each year
    • This is intended to improve efficiency of billing throughout the year and ensure HR has a default chartstring if needed to reduce manual effort for departments and HR.

Please review the FY18 rates and details of these recommendations, including future considerations for funding HR services, in the funding model section of the HR website.

Additionally, the Service Partnership Agreement subcommittee co-chairs recommended that HR continue to focus on the process improvement priorities identified last year and not revise the SPA this year. Please read more about: 

The funding model and SPA subcommittees are composed of both customer and HR representatives, and we appreciate everyone’s time as we collaborate to build strong partnerships.

In my last message, I announced the redesigned Staff Appreciation and Recognition Plan (the “STAR Plan”) for policy-covered and Teamsters-represented employees. Last week we announced the launch of the program to eligible employees. If eligible members of your team missed that announcement, please pass it on to them.  

Customer service and continuous improvement remain core goals for HR, and I am happy to share progress on several initiatives: 

Customer survey: During the fall, we also announced our piloting of a new customer survey. We now have completed two waves of the survey and expect that once the third wave is complete in the spring, we will have enough data to begin setting priorities and will share more information then. We thank the thousands of members of the UCSF community who have participated in the survey.

Lean visa process improvement: In December we identified a future state process that we hope to achieve by June 30, 2017, which includes the following key changes:

  • Reduced number of SRS visa fields and added a checklist to track attachments (planned)
  • Simple Qualtrics and DocuSign workflow to expedite form and signature collection (planned)
  • Revised process flow to reduce waiting, overprocessing and defects (underway)
  • Updated formatting and instructions on forms and templates (underway)
  • Change management support for departments as new processes are implemented (planned)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system: You may have heard about our plans to implement a CRM system to provide a streamlined, web-based interface for academic and staff employees and supervisors/managers to interact with HR. We are very excited to be kicking off the implementation of Deloitte’s ConnectMe tool in February. Implementation will happen in two phases – the first in the summer and the second targeted for the end of 2017. We have just begun working with the Deloitte team and will be sharing many more details, including customer engagement plans and how we can all prepare, in the coming months.

Finally, as you know, the UCSF Staff Engagement Survey is coming February 27 to March 17. Please be sure to take a few minutes to share your feedback!

Best regards,

David Odato
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
UCSF Health