The Jan. 11 biweekly payday will be a "deduction holiday." This means that fixed-amount deductions, such as health benefit premiums and parking, will not be withheld from your paycheck. Percentage-based deductions such as UCRP contribution, OASDI/Medicare, defined contribution plan (DCP/SH) and percentage-based 403(b) and 457(b) contributions will be deducted along with regular tax withholding, fairshare, union dues and garnishments. Deduction holidays occur when there are three cycles with a pay period end date in a month because flat dollar benefit deductions occur 24 times a year, but there are 26 biweekly paydays per year. The next biweekly deduction holiday will be 8/9/17.

Please share this information with any biweekly paid employees in your unit to help address questions.