UCSF Directors, Managers, and Supervisors:

The union that represents our clerical and allied services bargaining unit, the Teamsters, continue to call for a system-wide unfair labor practice and sympathy strike on Jan. 10, 2017

A new employee communication from UCOP that will be sent today to all clerical bargaining unit employees. It can be found here.

Detailed FAQs and an earlier employee communication were previously circulated in December and can be found here.

Each of our other labor contracts are currently in effect. Therefore, other bargaining units should not be participating in the strike activity during their work time. Notices have been sent to the other unions to remind them of this and to advise that if staff in their bargaining units do not report to work as scheduled (absent pre-approval or medical certification), that they will have their absence presumed to be strike-related and unauthorized.

Your staff in bargaining units other than the clerical unit may ask you questions about the Teamsters’ strike. Here are some common questions and answers:

Q. Can non-Teamsters represented employees participate in a strike called by the Teamsters? 
A. No. For staff members that are part of a bargaining unit whose collective bargaining agreement is in effect and has not expired, there is “No Strikes” language in the relevant contract that (1) prevents the Union from calling for a strike and (2) prevents the bargaining unit employees from participating in a strike called by the Teamsters. This would include, for example, the CNA Nurses unit, the UPTE Research Support, Healthcare and Technical units, and the AFSCME Service and Patient Care units.  Non-Teamsters represented employees, however, may participate in the picketing during non-work time (i.e., at lunch or before and after their shifts).

Q. What actions can the University take if employees are absent during a declared strike period?
A. The University will presume absences from work during any declared strike period are strike related. Those absences will be treated as unauthorized absences.  If an employee calls in sick, he/she will be expected to provide medical certification for the absence.  Employees who are absent from work without authorization, including during a strike, will not be paid.

In addition, please also see "Management Communication, CX Bargaining, Contract Expiration and the Status Quo, Updated 12/14/2016,” provided by the Office of the President. The correspondence provides an overview of the status quo period of the Teamsters expired contract and highlights significant issues about terms and conditions that are affected by the contract expiration, it updates the earlier version distributed on December 9, 2016.

In particular, please note that the CTO provisions for overtime are still in effect (Article 10 – Hours of Work) and that the 2017 rates and terms for health and welfare benefits shall apply to Teamsters members, as provided in open enrollment (Article 42 – University Benefits). For more information on the status quo period and how it may affect your department, please contact your LER representative.

For any questions please feel free to reach out to Labor & Employee Relations at 415/353-4107 or 415/353-4012.