This communication provides an overview of the academic renewal process and offers a best practice process, which was developed in response to feedback about increasing the clarity and gaining efficiency around campus-wide actions. Currently, the non-renewals and search waiver renewal work should already be underway for your department. Please contact your HR Service Center if you have questions about those activities. For the best practice renewal process, there will be two documents used:

  1. Renewal Timeline: Provides planning information so that roles are clear and meet policy requirements.
  2. Renewal Spreadsheet (currently under development): Brings information together from multiple electronic systems. The advantages include the ability for all to quickly see accurate consolidated data and avoid manually entering data that already exists. Additionally, with the department able to log decisions regarding elements that populate the compensation letters, it will allow a more efficient creation of the letters through the Outlook mail merge function. Look for the spreadsheet to arrive in early April.

Please review the timeline, share it within your department, and work directly with Service Center staff to plan for renewals. We appreciate your partnership in developing and implementing processes that continue to make the work more accurate and efficient.