The UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce the Employee of the Month Award recipients for November 2016, Dan Hrabosky and Diana Koeplin! Congratulations to them both! In addition to recognition, they will each receive a certificate and $50 Visa gift card.

Name: Dan Hrabosky
Job Title: Executive Assistant
HR Team/Work Unit: HR Administration

Why Nominated:

  • “Dan went above and beyond his regular duties by working with me all day at the HR Manager/Director Retreat. Dan has a lot of other work going on, but he spent time with me before the event helping me double check the final details and offered ideas to streamline some of the running of activities. Normally I work primarily alone on these events, and Dan was a true partner, also keeping 10 steps ahead of me anticipating needs of the group and upcoming shifts during the event.”
  • “Dan always has a smile on his face and is more than happy and willing to help anybody who asks for his assistance. He is smart, helpful, thorough, and dependable—he sees what needs to be done and finds a way to do it. He is one of the hardest working people I know.  Every day he provides a can-do attitude that is infectious to everyone. He is a complete team player, and I know that when Dan is working on something I won’t be left to struggle. His willingness to tackle a new project or learn a new task is so appreciated. He has an infectious, positive, and hilarious personality! We are lucky to have him!”

What does Dan enjoy doing outside of work?
“I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, riding my motorcycle, and hanging out with friends.”

Name: Diana Koeplin
Job Title: Academic HR Generalist
HR Team/Work Unit: Academic Shared Services

Why Nominated:
“Diana has made an immediate positive impact with her client department. Diana provides excellent customer service, is extremely responsive, and her productivity is impressive. Over the past 11 months, Diana has received over 160 appointment and advancement approvals, which included over 70 ‘catch up’ or retroactive packets in which the majority required special handling. There are approximately 15 additional retroactive packets submitted which are awaiting an outcome. Especially with the complications of these actions and maintaining her other generalist responsibilities, her analysis and follow through of these actions is excellent. She is very knowledgeable in her position, a team player, and most of all, she always remains positive. Diana never complains, instead she provides suggestions to the problems and looks on the bright side of a situation. For these reasons, Diana deserves employee of the month!”

What does Diana enjoy doing outside of work?
“I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. It’s the simple things in life—like reading a book to my kids or grabbing coffee with a friend—that I really value.”

About the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program
The Employee of the Month Award (MyAccess login required), created to recognize excellence and effort among UCSF HR employees, is a peer-nominated award and presented to two UCSF HR employees per month. Learn more about the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program here (MyAccess login required).

For questions, please contact the Selection Committee Co-Chairs Shelley Kennedy or Laurie Rojas.