As indicated in previous communications, the implementation of employees into the new Career Tracks (CT) structure does not automatically result in a pay increase. We realize, however, there are some circumstances where the implementation into a new job family and function may warrant an increase. For employees moving into a Career Tracks job title, departments can utilize the below bolded reason from the list of approved exceptional salary increase exceptions for policy-covered staff outside the focal equity process.

"Equity increases proposed to address significant market lags or internal equity surfaced through the implementation of job families."

An exception is to be used only if a manager is not able to wait to address significant equity issues during the anticipated FY18 focal equity process. The following are instructions for submitting these requests only for exceptional equity increases related to the Career Tracks implementation. All other types of exceptional equity increase requests should follow the standard process of submitting a Service Request System (SRS) ticket

  • All requests should be emailed to [email protected].
  • Please utilize the CT Exceptional Equity Request Form for this request; the form contains the following information:
    • Employee Name and ID#
    • New CT title/job code
    • Current salary
    • Requested salary increase
    • Reason for increase (i.e. employee’s salary is low compared to peers in same position, and employee has much more experience)
    • If requesting an increase for multiple employees in the same CT title please make sure the above information is provided for all employees.
  • Once the request is reviewed and approved, we will ask the department to initiate an SRS Equity Request ticket to complete the transaction.
    • The equity request ticket should have the Comp Approval email attached.
    • All equity requests will be implemented on the date the employee transitioned into their new CT title code unless otherwise specified by the department.

We appreciate your patience as we review these requests as we are anticipating a higher volume than usual. Please contact your HR Generalist or Manager with questions about this process.