The first wave of HR’s new customer satisfaction survey is now underway! The survey is taking place over the next year, with email survey invitations sent out in four evenly-spaced waves. Our goal for surveying the UCSF community in four waves, rather than all at one time, is to gather more frequent feedback to continuously assess our progress. UCSF employees will be invited to participate in the survey only once during this time period. Wave 1 survey invitations were sent last week – if you received one but inadvertently deleted it, reminders will be sent on October 18. If you are in Wave 1, we hope you will take a few minutes to respond. Additional communication will be sent out prior to each wave to those that have been selected to participate.

We take your feedback very seriously. The feedback obtained from HR customers has been and continues to be critical to the ongoing planning and improvement processes in Human Resources. 

Please email [email protected] with any questions.