UCSF HR Shared Services and the UCSF Controller’s Office-Payroll are pleased to announce a new payroll Post Authorization Notifications (PAN) review compliance process for UCSF Campus and Medical Center effective April 1, 2014. Uncertainty regarding who should be reviewing PANs and the resulting lack of review by "Mandatory Reviewers" caused a decrease in compliance with PAN review as defined in Business and Finance Bulletin IA-101 across UCSF. UCSF compliance is currently around 30% within two business days and 50% > than two business days. The new PAN review procedure has been developed to provide a more efficient, standardized process, which helps increase compliance with payroll-related internal controls. Note: Departments will continue to have access and receive WebPANs.

  • The HR Service Request System (SRS) allows departments to initiate service tickets and provide electronic pre-approval for personnel actions
    • Entry of actions submitted through the SRS into the Payroll system (OLPPS) is performed by the HR Transaction Services Unit (TSU)
      • Currently there are no audit reports generated from OLPPS for SRS actions
      • The TSU does not validate their data entry into OLPPS due to the separation of duties policy
  • The Magical Path Machine (MPM) is used to facilitate HS Comp Faculty actions
    • The system auto populates OLPPS, and audit reports are generated and reviewed by departments
    • All actions are preapproved through the application by authorized department managers

Objectives of new PAN review process:

  • Clarify the roles for HR Shared Services, Payroll and departments – specifically Mandatory vs. Non-Mandatory Reviewers
  • Standardize the review process
  • Develop a mechanism to capture and track error rates for data keyed into OLPPS


Created a new process for PAN review:PAN Process Map

  • ​The new process was reviewed and approved by UCOP and results in a streamlined procedure for centralized review of a random sample of keyed actions by a PAN reviewer within the TSU
  • Identified a random sampling method of actions manually keyed into OLPPS
  • Defined expected and acceptable error rate limits
  • Developed a process for review that includes:
    • Reporting mechanism
    • Recruitment and training of internal Mandatory Reviewer for Campus actions Reviewer will:
      • Complete review of PANs from the prior weekday within two business days
      • Sign off on PANs
      • Track errors and ensure corrections
    • The Controller’s Office-Payroll will monitor error rate and compliance with new process
    • Departments will continue to maintain access to WebPAN as both traditional mandatory and non-mandatory reviewers
      • However, compliance will no longer be monitored based on department review within two business days

Next steps:

  • Departments are encouraged to continue their current PAN review process as a best practice
  • Departments that have not opted into UCSF HR processing of Resident/Fellow payroll must continue to review each PAN for Residents/Fellows within two days as dictated by Business and Finance Bulletin IA-101
    • Departments can opt into UCSF HR Resident/Fellow payroll processing at any time
      • Please contact Amy Foster, in UCSF HR Business Services if you would like more information on the Residents and Fellows payroll processing recharge


  • David Odato, Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
  • John Ellis, Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller
  • Robert Cotterman, Assistant Controller
  • Jenny Schreiber, Director of HR Shared Services
  • Shylah Hamilton, Interim Director of UCSF Payroll
  • Jason Stout, Director of HR Service Center C
  • Esther Carmona, HR Transaction Services Unit Manager
  • Steve Bosquit, Programmer Analyst
  • Internal Audit