We are pleased to share progress on HR’s Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) process improvement efforts. In addition to advising on service targets, the SPA subcommittees recommend priority areas for staff, academic, and postdoc process improvement. The recommendations for 2016 are detailed here, and we want to highlight what has been accomplished and what is to come. 


  • Multiple trainings have been developed. The intended audience is HR Liaisons, Department Managers, and hiring managers of employees on visas.
    • Upcoming trainings:
      • Overview of Visas – scheduled for October 25, 12:30–2 p.m. in Mission Hall and October 27, 12–1:30 p.m. in Toland Hall
      • Faculty Compensation – scheduled for December 2
        • Watch for more details in HR Update
      • How to Submit the Ideal Academic SRS Ticket – training expected in mid-December
      • Postdoc 101 – training planned for December
    • Completed trainings:
      • AdvanceMy CV – Delivered beginning in July 2016. See current webinar schedule here
      • Academic Recruitment – Delivered in August and September. View presentations online here.
  • Timing Considerations – Academic Appointments document created to guide departments in the steps and expectations for new appointments and renewals. View it here.


  • Job Advertisement Tools
    • Following Lean workshops on recruitment, a pilot is underway with the School of Dentistry to synchronize consultation on posting options with classification of position.
  • Salary-setting 
    • Pilot launched with five departments (UDAR, Radiology, Surgery, HIV AIDS, Psychiatry-SGH) to set salary range at time of posting so hiring managers may act quickly when a finalist is identified.
  • Website


  • Offer Letter Standards 
    • Overhaul of the offer letter generator is underway; expected release late November/early December.
  • SRS “Return for Changes” 
    • Guidance for department to understand additional information needed by HR to complete the ticket. 
    • Enhancing ability to understand why tickets are being returned to so HR and departments can partner on improvement opportunities. 
    • Ticket enhancements are in development for release in early 2017
  • Funding change reconciliation tool
    • HR Transactions Lean Value Stream workshop planned for 2017
    • Outcomes will guide process improvement priorities 

Monthly reports are posted on the SPA webpage that show progress on meeting HR’s service targets. We regularly review the results and monitor trends, taking action where needed. September data will be posted soon. 

We are working on SRS enhancements to allow tracking of the following additional staff service metrics, which we expect to include in the monthly reports beginning early in 2017:  

  • Retention Equity
  • Stipends

Inclusion of the recommended Salary-Setting metric is pending outcome of the pilot discussed above.