Labor and Employee Relations Support to the Campus, April 2014

Human Resources is pleased to provide an update on progress toward improved and streamlined handling of labor and employee relations issues. The goal is to support supervisors in taking appropriate actions in a timely fashion, while balancing consistency across and risk to UCSF.


  • Define roles and required approvals, consultations, and notifications for LER actions.
  • Develop training and tools to implement processes and appropriate distribution of work.
  • Develop turnaround timelines so supervisors/managers know what to expect for HR review and response.


  • Clarified that the Department Supervisor, Manager and/or Director ultimately decides the action to be taken, except in very limited situations as dictated by law or policy.
    • Human Resources' role is to provide advice to Department Supervisor, Manager and/or Director.
  • Developed comprehensive list (more below) of potential employee actions and clarified when support/advice is provided by HR Service Center and when an action is escalated to Labor and Employee Relations.
    • This will help to ensure consistent and clear guidance and is expected to improve response times
  • Developed process for handling complex cases/issues by ensuring the right people are involved in making a plan as early as possible.
    • This will help to ensure that clients get support from subject matter experts quickly and efficiently.

Next steps:

  • For the most common employee actions, HR will update or develop local policy guidelines, tools, templates, samples, checklists and other resources. Some HR processes are already available at HR How to Guides As these tools are updated and additional materials developed, they will be available on the HR website or from Generalists as appropriate.
  • HR is developing turnaround timelines so supervisors/managers can better anticipate and plan actions, such as the number of days to review a disciplinary letter, layoff plan, etc. As turnaround times are established they will be published on the HR website with related process materials.
  • HR recommends that the HR Advisory Board convene a Labor and Employee Relations subcommittee to advise on reviewing processes, tools and turnaround timelines. The goal is to partner with customers in assessing actions from end-to-end to ensure optimal support and outcomes.
  • HR will continue to train all HR staff to develop consulting skills needed to provide effective guidance to supervisors.
  • Labor and Employee Relations is in the process of updating and/or developing local implementing guidelines to help communicate campus procedures related to specific UC policies.

Potential Employee Actions: To more quickly and efficiently address labor and employee relations issues, HR has clarified below who needs to be involved for LER processes. Some actions should directly involve LER, and others may be addressed by HR Shared Services Managers and Generalists. A summary of this information is available here (on page 2) or as a matrix here.

More information about the Human Resources Service Partnership Agreement can be found here.