Final mapping results and notification letters have been released to mapping partners as of Friday, Sept. 30.  

As a reminder, we have recommended cascading delivery of the letters: 

  • Oct. 3–11: Managers/supervisors receive their notification letters
    • Note: Managers/supervisors include anyone who needs to deliver letters to subordinate staff regardless of placement in Career Tracks
  • Oct. 10–28: Employees receive their letters

As we have done in previous rounds, mapping partners and incumbents that Control Points have requested are responsible for notification (department/unit leaders) are not included in Box. Final mapping reports and notification letters will be shared separately via email with the appropriate contact this week.  

Several tools have been created to assist managers/supervisors in delivering notification letters to their employees: 

Managers’ Guides

  • Managers’ Guide to Implementing Career Tracks – REG
    • Provides general information regarding types of notification letters, attachments, supplemental guides to assist in conversations with employees, and a suggested script
    • Will not be on website based on information sensitivity; a copy will be included in UCSF Box if your unit has an employee impacted by this type of change
    • Provides suggested language to explain what the employee can expect when transitioning between exemption statuses
    • Provides suggested language to help explain what the employee can expect moving to MSP and/or being grandfathered into their MSP rights. Also includes an “At a Glance” tool that outlines the major differences between the two personnel programs 
  • Managers’ Guide Supplement – OUTSIDE THE CT SALARY RANGE
    • Provides suggested language to assist in speaking with employees who are below the minimum of their new CT range, or above the maximum of their CT range
  • Managers’ Guide Supplement – UNDER REVIEW
    • Provides suggested language to assist in speaking with employees for the various reasons why a position may be under review
    • The mapping report’s comments include the reason why the position is under review 

Note: There are some letters that may require a manager to review more than one supplement. The main managers’ guide includes a grid that lists the associated supplements to help identify which supplements to review when. The grid can also be found here

Types of Issues & Best Contacts

Below you will find the best contacts for different issues that may arise while reviewing information for your unit/department. We will work to get back to you in a timely manner and appreciate your patience as we navigate through situations.  


For the items that indicate your Career Tracks Champion, a reminder list is included below: