While volunteers are welcomed at UCSF, it is critical we protect the health and safety of all volunteers (particularly minors), while safeguarding University assets.  

Recent changes in state law and UC policy are intended to protect volunteers under the age of 18 (minors) from possible injury or illness and to protect the University, departments, faculty, and staff from potential liability. The following changes impact UCSF:

  • State law now requires all individuals who will have daily or regular workplace contact with minors to complete Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) training prior to working and interacting with minors. This training is available through the UCSF Learning Management System (LMS).  
    • The supervisor must also undergo a background check, requested via the HR Service Request System, prior to working with the minor.
  • A new University policy regarding minors in laboratory settings stipulates minors under age 14 are permitted in lab settings only as part of an approved and supervised tour. Minors aged 15-18 are allowed only under certain controlled conditions, such as part of an organized program and under the direct supervision of a qualified adult designated for this responsibility. Please review the Office of Research/EH&S policy for additional details.

Generally, minors should only be placed as volunteers if they are part of an organized program, such as the UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership (SHEP), which ensures all participants (minors, mentors, and parents) are part of a preplanned, structured, and carefully managed training program. 

Please contact your HR Generalist if you have additional questions. Risk Management & Insurance Services (415/476-2498) can also assist in evaluating and minimizing risks in placing volunteers.