As the Controller’s Office Solution Center continues to broaden its scope, effective June 5, 2014, specifically for payroll (in addition to payroll verification of employment, accounting inquiries, benefits inquiries) the Solution Center will begin support of payroll processing inquiries.

Areas of common inquiries include:

  • Confirmation receipt of Block Requests, Admin Delay or Pay Advance requests
  • Paycheck calculation questions and errors
  • Receipt of Final Check Request
  • PET processing/deadlines
  • Stop Payments and Reissue
  • Direct Deposit Inquiries

Inquiries sent to [email protected] will now be routed through the CO Solution Center and customers will receive a ticket from ServiceNow through which they will receive status updates, a resolution, and an opportunity to provide feedback.

You may email questions to [email protected] or call 415-476-2126.