There are several changes to the processes for policy-covered staff (PSS & MSP) that are now effective as of Aug. 29.  As you move through the actions listed below, please partner closely with your Staff HR Generalist

Job Postings

  • Recruitment tickets for policy-covered positions received by HR Staff Shared Services will require use of the Career Tracks (CT) job description template.  
  • Conversion of careers website (BrassRing) postings from legacy titles to CT titles begins and will continue through September. 
    • Title conversion will not occur until the title has been finalized with hiring managers/supervisors
    • As titles are converted, hiring managers/supervisors will receive a confirmation email from their Staff HR Generalist
    • Talking points (requires MyAccess login) have been created to assist you in speaking with candidates about these changes

Quickhires and Rehired Retirees

  • All quick hire and rehire retiree requests will require a CT job description template.

Job Offers

  • If the CT title has been finalized, the job offer utilizes the CT title.
    • New hires will be hired utilizing the CT title and job code and will not need to be converted in November.
  • If the CT title is still in discussion, offers utilize the legacy title. 
    • Conversion to the CT title will occur with the rest of the campus in November.
  • Redesigned Inter/Intra-Campus Transfer Process guidelines now available

Talking points (requires MyAccess login) have been created to assist managers/supervisors in having this discussion with their final candidate.

Reclassification and Exceptional Equity Blackout

  • In effect from Aug. 29 – Oct. 31
  • Exceptional equity requests will continue to be reviewed for salary retention proposals for a key staff member in the face of a bona fide job offer from a competitor.

If you have questions, please contact your Staff HR Generalist.