Have some special projects that need to be completed? UCSF is participating in a San Francisco community effort to hire youth for the summer.

The Temporary Employment Program (TEP) at UCSF is pleased to announce our participation with Summer Jobs+, a city-wide program focused on putting the youth of San Francisco to work and helping set them on a path to a successful future. The program, in conjunction with the Office of the Mayor, the Office of Economic Workforces Development, United Way of the Bay Area, and San Francisco Unified School District is asking the Bay Area business community to hire 7,000 youths.

Continuing with our commitment to building a diverse and talented employment pool, we have pledged to hire at least 10 youth workers into UCSF and are seeking departments who would like to give them an opportunity for work experience in a healthcare setting. The positions they would best be suited for would be entry- to mid-level administrative, clerical, and customer service roles and can be part-time, full-time, or career employment. 

The TEP will be on hand to facilitate the employment. See the general FAQs below:

How does the program work?
Create a job order at our website and we post your job on the Summer Jobs+ website.  We receive resumes from MatchBridge Summer Jobs+ and will forward them to the department. The department interviews the candidates and makes the hire through the TEP.

Are these unpaid interns?
No, they are not interns. The youth workers will be UCSF temporary employees classified under the Clerk title, step 1.0. Departments would be pay them from their own budget the hourly wage of $14.65 plus the TEP recharge rate of 13 percent much as they would a temporary employee.

What tasks or job functions can I have them perform?
These youth generally have entry-level to intermediate experience and some have no work experience at all. Your job description and duties should reflect a variety of administrative, clerical, and customer service tasks that would be both growth oriented and challenging. A detailed but brief job description will help us determine the nature of the duties related to your need. We aim to provide the best match for both the employee and your office.

Do I need to create a job order?
Yes, you would need to complete a job order at our website.

How do I participate?
Email Jennifer Wilson-Fischer at the TEP and she will be happy to assist.

More Information is available here.