• Mortgage Origination Program (MOP): The loan limit has been increased to $1.4M for appointments/retentions effective 9/1/16 or later. Eligibility and qualifying criteria remain unchanged.
  • Supplemental Home Loan Program (SHLP): Each of the four schools will be allocated $125,000 for use under the Centrally-Funded Supplemental Home Loan Program (CF-SHLP). The dean’s offices may begin requesting participation in the CF-SHLP program immediately for appointments/retentions effective 9/1/16 or later.
  • Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP): The threshold to require candidates engage in a repayment agreement has been increased to applicable payments of $50,000 or more.  

Additional information is available on the UCSF Home Loan Program Resources page. Questions regarding these changes may be directed to UCSF Home Loan Program Manager Wilson Hardcastle at 415/476-2016 or [email protected].