As announced in HR Update on July 25, we are entering the home stretch of the Career Tracks implementation and will be entering the Transition Period on Aug. 29. Below outlines changes related to the reclassification and exceptional equity blackout. 

Reclassification Blackout
There has been a reclassification pause in place for policy-covered (PSS & MSP) employees since May 16, and a full reclassification blackout will be in effect from Aug. 29–Nov. 1. Please note this blackout does not impact reclassification requests for represented employees or policy-covered (PSS & MSP) titles within the Information Technology job family, which was implemented as a part of the Career Tracks pilot in July 2015. 

Exceptional Equity Blackout
There will be an exceptional equity blackout in place from Aug. 29–Nov. 1 for policy-covered (PSS & MSP) employees who are not currently in an IT Career Tracks title. Salary retention proposals for a key staff member in the face of a bona fide job offer from a competitor will continue to be reviewed. Exceptional equity reviews will begin as normal beginning Nov. 1 with retroactivity being considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Please contact your Career Tracks Champion with any questions.